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I am delighted to be starting this business to help women from all walks of life. I am equally excited to be in business with my daughter. I owned a boutique IT consulting firm for about 15 years before entering the world of corporate America. But corporate America left me increasingly unsatisfied and as I started to share my vision for a new company with my daughter she announced she wanted to do it together. So, here we are, women. We are here for you! We are here to help!

two successful entrepreneurs
wildly different careers
one common passion
mother & daughter

who we are

About Kelley

About Melissa

Months away from becoming a new mom in 2015, I decided to start an Etsy shop to help make daycare expenses a little lighter. I put my heart and soul into my little shop and was able to resign from my corporate job and continue on my entrepreneurship journey. I am now a mom of 2 little boys and continue to run my Etsy shop full time. Although I love my shop and the products that I make, it recently left me feeling like something was missing, and that is helping others. Now, my mom and I are working together to help women like you live the life of your dreams like we are!







kelley: control over my life so that I can spend my time changing lives instead of trading hours for dollars.
melissa: always work for myself in something that makes me happy even if that changes over time. 

number 1 life goal

kelley: wine: barbera, sangiovese, zinfandel.
melissa: white wine spritzer : 7-up, riesling, triple sec.

signature cocktail

KELLEY: nothing is going to get handed to you on a silver platter - if you want it, go after it!
Melissa: listen to your heart, it will never steer you wrong.

best advice I've ever received

Kelley: light roast, truvia, & a little sweet cream creamer
Melissa: Dark Roast w/ sweet cream creamer

how i drink my coffee

how about a quick rundown?

fun facts









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We want this community to serve as a safe space for all women. Because of social media, it has become our second nature to share our lives with others. But are we sharing things that can serve others or are we scrolling because it has become second nature? Together, we can spread positivity and be leaders in intentionality by sharing our stories. We believe you can change someone's life by simply sharing the same experience. We want to help facilitate a community that uplifts one another, supports each other in times of need, and rejoices in each others' success.

we want you
to know

no matter who you are,
where you come from,
what your goals are,
we are here for you.
we are a community of women
just like you.

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