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"people think that stories are shaped by people.
In fact, it's the other way around."

-terry pratchett

From entrepreneurship that worked closely with the corporate world to creative entrepreneurship based solely online, we have both achieved success in our fields. But that doesn't mean we always agree on the best way to approach life and business. Independently, we both have been approached by friends and family that want help in their business or marriage, or general advice. One thing we do agree on is that we both love to help others and offer the same tools that help us through similar situations. So here we are, teaming up to pass on that knowledge.

Like mother, like daughter
we both have had successful careers in our
entrepreneurship journeys, but our paths
have been wildly different

Kelley & Melissa

Kristy Keith

"In my 40's, after having established a solid career in Real Estate Finance that provided financial security, I realized that I wanted a more fulfilling life. So I researched how to obtain my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and pursued that goal. Today, I am literally living my dream as an RN and enjoying that it is deeply fulfilling and still provides the financial security I appreciate."

Kelley Latimer

"I left a small up and coming consulting firm where I had job security; I wanted control over my life. I was confident I had the skills and expertise to start my own consulting firm. I knew in my heart that this was the right decision for me despite the opposition I got from friends and family for leaving a secure position. Ultimately, I afforded myself the opportunity to set my own schedule, choose my own contracts, and to help my colleagues gain a greater share of their bill rate."

Melissa Brakebill

"Before we were married, my husband and I wrote down and asked each other some of the most important questions that we would encounter in our marriage. We talked about how we would split our holidays, what things were most important to us, how many kids we wanted to have and when, etc. Doing this laid everything out on the table beforehand and we were aware of each others' expectations and goals in life. Ultimately, this led to us being on the same page with one another. Now, 5 years later, we have acheived everything on our list in regards to homes, careers, kids, and lifestyle. Without mapping out our life, I don't think we would have achieved so much in so little time." 



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